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Vše co se chcete dozvědět o Steelers


O víkendu jsme absolvovali přípravný kemp v Polsku s týmem Silesia Rebels Katowice a bylo to skvělé!

Trénovali jsme tvrdě a i přes sníh a mráz zlepšovali své schopnosti na hřišti. Byly to skvělé tréninky s dalšími vášnivými hráči amerického fotbalu a jsme vděční za tuto zkušenost.

A co na kemp řekl náš head Coach?

I thought we looked very good! Our offensive unit is picking up right where they left off last yr. We took care of the ball and struck when the situation presented itself. The run game is looking very good and seems to be ahead of schedule.


Our passing game was able to attack vertically as well as in the short controlled scheme.The special teams units looked fantastic! Punt and Kickoff were run to near perfection, while kickoff return looked very good.

The defensive unit is learning a whole new system, and is picking it up very quickly! Our run defense was very effective while our pass coverage had minor breakdowns at times but made most of the down and distance situational plays. We are on time with all our installs in all 3 parts of the game and are excited for the camp this weekend with the Falcons.